Some might say nothing or what a whole lot of B….t!!  However, companies such as Sony, Coca Cola, Citibank, Proctor and Gamble and Shell would say – Everything! 

Penny Spencer, of Spencer Travel, Sydney, a highly successful entrepreneur and leader within her industry, had approached me with an opportunity. Spencer Travel had outgrown their current premises and moved to a much larger space within the same building. As well as having the office Feng Shui architecturally designed, Penny asked me for a Feng Shui Consultation and an Energy Clearing due to a severe flood they had recently experienced.

It’s important to understand energy, people and time. Water in Feng Shui represents the flow of money or lack thereof. However, I wondered, what more could I add when the interior had been Feng Shui designed?


Penny’s intentions were clear. She had a specific turnover that she wished to achieve due to increased expenses. I look at many things when doing a 360 degree Feng Shui Consultation. I am constantly hunting for that “Eureka” moment, where we uncover the underlying theme or missing link for the space, the business and its people.  

The offices were beautiful, and upon entry, I noticed the staff were either seated in the middle or left-hand side of the office where the windows were located. Down the right-hand side of the office, at least 7-9 desks were unoccupied with the accounts department at the rear.

The right-hand side of the space happened to be located within the compass direction “North”. In the southern hemisphere, the North is where the height of the midday sun is. In Feng Shui, this means abundance, vitality, height of productivity, and expansion. Currently, there was absolutely NO ACTIVITY happening in this area of the business!  

The solution was to set each desk up with a computer and telephone as if people were already there. Then use specific artwork and plants to support the expansion and activate the energy.

Penny did this straight away and implemented many other recommendations provided in the final report. Immediately, contracts that had been pending for months began to close, and within two weeks, the most wonderful thing happened.

Penny was approached by a senior travel consultant who worked for a competitor and whose company was going through a merger. She and six other senior consultants were unhappy, and they wanted to leave with one pre-requisite – they all must leave together. There was only one company they wanted to work for, and that was Spencer Travel!

Penny engaged all seven immediately, and needless to say, her company grew significantly and quickly, surpassing her intended increased turnover.

Intention is powerful. Energy is powerful. A new pair of eyes, trained to look at space, the occupants in the space, and how to go about connecting the business with the space, is also very powerful.

Feng Shui and its ancient philosophies allow you to see the wood for the trees, to see clearly, unblock the blocks and reignite the positive energy.  

If you would like to enhance and improve the energy within your space and support your people and company vision – please contact me for a 360 degree Feng Shui Consultation.

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