“I'm a Navigator.”

If you’re ready to expand your life, and awaken what’s already within, then I’m ready to help you on your journey.

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    Focus  :  General life, career or business wellbeing

    Take Action  :  Go from frustrated to flourishing

    Result  :  Growth

    Do you need to make pivotal change or achieve sustainable growth for your business and your people?

    Then it’s time to create your Business Wealth Blueprint

    • Build and sustain your business wellbeing to adapt and thrive

    • Gain new pathways to empower the wellbeing of your people

    • Handle any disconnect between management and staff

    • Keep your team holistically motivated, productive and energised

    • At those times when are you asking – what needs to change?

    I will help in reigniting drive and passion amongst your people from the top down and the bottom up. We will infuse a breath of fresh air to tired spaces using strategic skills attained through a successful business career. I am well known for my ability to educate and empower people in acknowledging and owning their unique strengths to the benefit of themselves and their team. Together, we will challenge outdated ways of thinking so you and your team can embrace and navigate POSITIVE CHANGE.

    – Sharon Breslin

    Start Here: 30 minute complimentary Business Alignment Session

    Are you waiting change but don't know how to take the first step? You need to work with someone who can provide solutions to what is blocking you, co-create a plan and then cheer you on as you go for your wildest dreams.

    Let's connect one-on-one online and see if we fit.

    Change the way you look at things and things will change
    • Step 1: THE MASTER PLAN – Leadership Alignment
    • Step 2: THE BUSINESS PLAN – Business Energy Alignment
    • Step 3: THE GAME PLAN – Team Wellbeing Alignment
    Kathryn SariManaging Director, Verve Travel and Leisure Pty Ltd
    Sharon is an exceptional mentor for any business and has a knack for determining what is appropriate to make a difference, even if you are not sure yourself. In terms of value and return on investment – unquestionably worth every dollar and we have asked Sharon to be part of our team for a very long time. We see this as a very important, ongoing element of our human resource management.
    Robyn O'ConnellYour Wishes Funeral Advocacy
    I’ve met plenty of business mentors, but I couldn’t find anyone who really ‘got me’. Someone who understood that at the end of the day, I am my business. Sharon takes the time to understand what is important yet doesn’t hold back in telling you things you need to know. Normally this would be difficult for me to hear, but Sharon’s approach gets you thinking differently. Any good business book will tell you that your greatest investment will always be in yourself, especially when you run your own business. Having an ally/sounding board/mentor is a must have if you want to succeed.