“I'm a Navigator.”

If you’re ready to expand your life, and awaken what’s already within, then I’m ready to help you on your journey.

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    Focus   :   Home,  home/home office or business energy flow

    Take Action  :  Go from feeling tired to harnessing energy. From stuck to free

    Result  :  Aliveness

    Your home and your workspace are a reflection of what's going on inside of you -and vice versa - Sharon Breslin

    Solutions for

    Life   :  Balance your mind, heart and physical environment

    Career  :  Create the change you are looking for in your life

    Business  :  Transfer your workspaces with yin-yang balance and flowing qi

    General  :  Achieve a personal vision

    Feng Shui for Home + Home Office or Business

    About the Ancient Art of Feng Shui
    Feng Shui Environmental Audit
    Space Clearing


    Energy Reset - Home/Home Office or Business

    Feng Shui Environmental Audit + report

    • Regenerate your Health
    • Regenerate your Environment
    • Create the potential for success
    • Discover the power of the space around you with a personal Feng Shui home or business
    Energy Reset Plus - Home/Home Office or Business

    Feng Shui Environmental Audit + Space Clearing + report

    • Learn how to make powerful changes in your life
    • How the home reflects your current personal situation and what to do to shift the energy
    • How to align your soul with the soul of your home
    • Discover the power of the space within you and around you with a Personal Home or Business Feng Shui evaluation and Space Clearing
    Space Clearing

    Energy rejuvenation to:

    • Unite your surroundings
    • Remove negative Energy and replace with positive energy
    • Lift the vibration of the life force in your space
    • Discover the power of a professional Space Clearing
    Sharon is a gifted Mentor and Feng Shui practitioner. I have worked with her for many years across personal and commercial projects. Her process for determining the most prosperous and supportive places for you and your work assists you to feel clarity, purpose and connect with ways to enhance your abundance. I feel fortunate to have Sharon in my sphere.              – Jane Martino, Co-founder, Smiling Mind


    Feng Shui for The Home
    Learn ways to deal with:

    • Lack of Energy
    • Lack of Direction
    • Financial Strain
    • Health Issues
    • Relationship / Family Issues
    • Career Boredom
    • Life Stagnation
    Feng Shui The Shamans Way
    Learn how to:

    • Create Dedicated Sacred Space
    • Shamanic Space Clearing Techniques
    • Work with Elements the Indigenous Way
    • Introduction to Medicine Wheel Feng Shui
    Spiritual Development

    • How to create a dedicated sacred space within your home
    • Simple meditation techniques to aid in reducing anxiety and calm your mind
    • Practices to deepen your own intuition
    • What spirit guides are and how can you begin to connect with them
    Practitioner and Master Teacher

    A home is more than a place to lay your head and seek comfort from the elements. It is a crossing point in time and space that can attract energy or repel energy. Your home can be a place of renewal and hope. It can be a sanctuary within which you can retreat and recharge. It can be a sacred space that supports you in all aspects of your life.

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