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    Lifestyle Transformational Journeys
    - For ultimate growth and freedom

    Your chance to live your dreams

    Small group tours with a difference

    Explore ancient cultures and spiritual traditions for rest and rejuvenation

    Find further clarity, focus and direction

    Discover a fresh perspective in life and business

    New Feng Shui Certification Retreats coming soon

    Enrich your life on the path less travelled

    About Lifestyle Transformational Journeys

    The crem de la cream of Personal Transformation

    Lifestyle Journeys represents an aspect of travel often overlooked – personal discovery. We combine the wonderment of learning and travel with the opportunity to attain new tools. Perfect if you are looking for inspiration to enhance your current lifestyle, make change or create a future business.

    Lifestyle Transformational Experiences open a door to the magic that happens when we traverse a foreign country, find ancient sites off the beaten track, and engage with indigenous leaders or spiritual teachers. Exclusively tailored tours for small groups.

    A selection of mini workshops are folded into the itinerary and result in lasting change. Plus, we delight in balancing the personal discovery elements with all the wonderful shopping, gourmet and cultural experiences that each destination offers. The tours provide an incredible opportunity to deepen spiritual development and expand one’s mind while enjoying all the amazement of lifestyle travel.

    Rediscover Peru’s Incan past, explore the heart of Hopi and Navajo land in Sedona or retrace the footsteps of the Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt and much more on one of Lifestyle Journeys’ unique small group tours.



    Kahuna Medicine - A keeper of the secret wisdom

    Date and Price coming soon

    If you have a love of shamanic/indigenous healing techniques and are wanting to learn and or develop your skills to an even deeper level, I invite you to join us on our tour of Hawaii where we will venture off the beaten track to work with the native Kahuna’s of Hawaii.


    A Transformational Journey – Stimulate the mind, invigorate the spirit

    Date and Price coming soon

    Join us and embark on an unforgettable tour of Peru that invites you to explore the spiritual legacy of an ancient civilisation long passed; the ‘lost city’ and ruins of Machu Picchu.

    Bhutan / India

    Step back in time and embrace the pure energy of Bhutan

    Date and Price coming soon

    Step back in time…..and embrace the pure energy of Bhutan…as we travel over spectacular mountain passes, through valley floors and onto ancient cities where you will experience a mixture of modern development alongside ancient traditions.