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Hawaii: Kahuna Medicine and more

For anyone who has an interest in the shamanic/indigenous healing techniques I invite you to join me on a tour of Hawaii where we will venture off the beaten track to work with the native Kahuna’s on the Big Island of Hawaii. This tour is all about personal development from one on one healing, in-depth guidance on you, your direction and purpose and the sharing of a selection of shamanic skills that you can take back and use in your every day life. If you love island life, pampering, learning and want to deepen your spiritual connection then this is the perfect journey for you.

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Egypt: Middle Eastern Magic

The Old City of Thebes, Karnak and Luxor are still the hearts of one of the largest mystery schools on earth where ancient wisdom and knowledge of the highest order was practised with the utmost respect.

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Bhutan & India: An Ancient Spiritual Path

Step back in time…..and embrace the pure energy of Bhutan….as we travel over spectacular mountain passes, through valley floors and onto ancient cities where you will experience a mixture of modern development alongside ancient traditions.

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