“I'm a Navigator.”

If you’re ready to expand your life, and awaken what’s already within, then I’m ready to help you on your journey.

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    Focus  :  General life, career or business wellbeing

    Take Action  :  Go from feeling confused to feeling purposeful

    Result  :  Clarity

    Sometimes we think it is one thing that is stopping us when it is entirely another - The power of metaphysics allows us to uncover this, find a breakthrough and put a new plan in place. - Sharon Breslin

    Solutions for:

    Life  :  Identify the thoughts, beliefs, or actions that need to transform

    Career  :  Identify hidden talents, conquer self-doubt and build confidence

    General  :  Find the courage to face blocks and gain strategies to rise above them

    Start Here: Complimentary 30min Wellbeing Alignment Session 

    Are you wanting to change but don't know how to take the first step? You need to work with someone who can provide solutions to what is blocking you, co-create a plan and then cheer you on as you go for your wildest dreams. Let's connect one-on-one online and see if we are a fit.


    Wellbeing Reset - for Life, Career or Business

    Initial Consult + Clarity Session + Report

    • How well do you really know yourself? It is a brave person that has the courage to look at themselves and challenge themselves to expand and grow.
    • Your Wellbeing Reset will determine your current situation, history, and challenges you wish to address and solve. The Clarity Session incorporates a Chinese Metaphysics approach that is founded on the five elements philosophy and the interaction within your own unique birth chart.
    Fletcher HenryFletcher Creative
    Sharon’s passion and spiritual ability inspired me to change and grow confidence in all areas of my life that I didn’t know were possible. Her ability to provide guidance to unlock my potential and set me on the right path was incredible.
    Wellbeing Reset Plus - add Mentoring

    Initial Consult + Clarity Session + Report + Follow Up Mentoring

    • Powerful results-focused mentoring tailored to your needs.
    • Perfect for you if you are at a crossroad, need career direction, considering going into business as a solopreneur or start up, or to break the recurring patterns that keep you stuck and stagnant in life.
    Angelina FarryStarseed PR
    Today was amazing, thank you very much.  You are one of the most intuitive people I’ve ever met.  It has been a real pleasure having you with us and I feel lucky that we have had the privilege of your insights, it has helped immensely.
    Wellbeing Reset Deluxe - Purpose and Self Care

    Initial Consult + Clarity Session + Report + Follow Up Mentoring Session - 3 sessions minimum

    • Purpose Mentoring – min. 3 sessions
    • Individual
    • Career/Business
    • Your opportunity to bring your dreams into reality. Learn how to refocus and create a new vision from a place of inner power. We will deep dive into your soul’s purpose, help you understand past patterns and work to make massive shifts. Gather the courage you need to follow your true Career Passion so your energy aligns fully with your Life Purpose. The gift of working this way is in disrupting patterns over a few weeks or months for a sustained change and consistent results. Choose 3 sessions or more tailored to your needs.
    • Self Care Mentoring min. 3 sessions
    • Unique Self Care with a twist. We will build a Self Care Programme that addresses your unique soul, mind and body consciousness. You’ll recognise your self care stress triggers and gain powerful manifestation tools that allow you to own your self worth. Discover how to activate positive mental states and change neural pathways. Learn to work with your power centres and intuition and create a new blueprint to navigate your life. Master your energy field – change your energy, change your life. Choose 3 sessions or more tailored to your needs.
    • Follow Your Passion – it’s your Birthright!  – Sharon Breslin