“I'm a Navigator.”

If you’re ready to expand your life, and awaken what’s already within, then I’m ready to help you on your journey.

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    When operating holistically your mindset is aligned

    Focus  :  Complete life, career or business alignment

    Take Action  :  Go from dreams to reality. From potential to success.

    Result   :  Purpose

    I believe you can create success by design - Sharon Breslin

    Solutions for:

    Life  :  Balance your mind, body, soul and environment

    General  :  Guidance and advice at a deep spiritual level in understanding your soul purpose

    Career  :  Discover a deep understanding of yourself and your gifts

    Success by Design Solutions for all stages of life

    The pathway from stagnant and stuck to freedom is about creating an energy-flow to awaken your natural aliveness. You are then empowered to take consistent action towards your purpose, which leads you to ever increasing growth and freedom.

    As a life and business mentor, I draw from a navigator's toolkit of practical and intuitive processes that assist you to align your life and navigate your way.

    I create Business Wealth Blueprints with business owners, board executives aspiring entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to make pivotal change and achieve growth to make an impact on the world. Every journey needs a navigator - allow me to be your guide for a purposeful life.

    Start Your Journey Here:

    Complimentary 30min Wellbeing Alignment Session

    Are you wanting change but don’t know how to take the first step? You need to work with someone who can provide solutions to what’s blocking you, co-create a plan and then cheer you on as you go for your wildest dreams. Let’s connect one-on-one online and see if we fit.

    Energy Alignment:

    A Feng Shui Environmental Audit will uplift your space to achieve maximum energy flow, while supporting ultimate growth for your mind, body and spirt.

    Your current physical space reflects what is going on within you – it encompasses the energetic blueprint of your mind (thoughts), body (actions), spirit (soul beliefs) and emotional (feelings) self. We know that everything is energy. So, it follows that shifting the current energetic blueprint will unblock your space and reset your wealth flow. Wealth flow is represented by material wealth, along with health, relationships, wisdom, inner peace and personal goals. Feng Shui and its fundamental principles, the balance of yin and yang and Qi flow, attuning to the laws of nature, is an essential tool in helping you make change.

    Wellbeing Alignment:

    How well do you really know yourself? Is it a brave person that has the courage to look at themselves and challenge themselves to expand and grow.

    Your Wellbeing Reset will determine your current situation, history, and challenges you wish to address and solve. The Clarity Session incorporates a Chinese Metaphysics approach that is founded on one of the five elements philosophy and the interaction within your own unique birth chart. Perfect for you if you are at a crossroad, need career direction, considering going into business as a solopreneur or start up, or to break the recurring patterns that keep you stuck and stagnant in life.