“ENERGY” – in relation to a healthy business environment.

You know the feeling. You walk into a space, and something hits you. There is an exciting vibe, a buzz, the people and their surroundings working seamlessly together. Or maybe it is a space where you instantly feel calm, focused, and nurtured especially knowing you can leave the chaos outside where it belongs. We experience these feelings every day. It is the missing link between mindset and productivity. 

Thank goodness, with laptops and mobility we can choose that right space to be productive in, or to have Thank goodness, with laptops providing endless mobility, we can choose that right space to be productive in or to have quiet time for our own think tank. Maybe that is why we hear so many of us saying how much we love the freedom to work where we want when we want – in the energy we choose. 

What is ENERGY?

Energy is ” The strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity”

What if you began to look at your workplace as having its own Life Force? As a place or space that is a living being?

All living beings need good light, fresh air, to be fed regularly, and a habitat with the right temperature. They need an environment where they can “conserve” their energy ensuring longevity and the opportunity to germinate to produce new seeds. They need to be fertilised and pruned so they can expand and grow. 

Too often, a business is expelling energy externally, trying to attract customers when it should be energising its “living being” from the inside out. In doing so, its unique energy and vibration will automatically attract an incredible lineup of staff and customers.

Here are 5 Energy Inventory Items to check the Life Force of your business:

* The Entrance

Is it de-cluttered, well lit and inviting so the “Life Force” can flow into the space and move freely? Imagine the Life Force to be like a flowing river – not too fast, not too slow, so it moves without being stopped and becoming stagnant. 

* What colours do you have in the space?

Are they  fresh or looking a little tired?  Do the colours Are they fresh or looking a little tired? Do the colours support the activity within the business? For example – a splash of vibrant colours for sales and creativity and more subtle calming colours for counselling and legal matters.

* What is the air quality like within the space?

Is it overpopulated with people?  Does it have air-conditioning and heating that works properly? Do windows allow fresh air to flow? Is it further energised with living plants to increase the oxygen flow, and are they placed strategically?

* Do you have a “heart of your business” space?

An area that needs to be open and expansive where your staff are inspired to gather and share innovative ideas, creativity and communicate freely.

* Do you know the history of the building and or the previous occupants?

If everything is energy, then any negative thoughts, words, actions or stagnation can remain in a space unless cleared with intention. It is very important to know how successful or unsuccessful the previous occupants of the space was, as this will directly impact on the success of your own business.

As a Feng Shui Master Teacher, I have seen first-hand and amazing results when assisting businesses to clear and then positively activate the energy in their environment. It activates their people and the life force of the business itself. 


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