A Shaman is “One who sees in the Dark”. We all face moments where we cannot see the light in a situation and therefore we are in the dark. Shamans’ know how to sit in the “still moments”, tune into their soul, their higher selves and bring forth vital information from the other side. They say, this is where the “genius” resides. Many a successful business or business idea has been born this way. 

In ancient times the Shamans in the community, known as the seers, the visionaries were held in great respect. The whole community would rely on them for a problem to be solved, a person to be healed or a ceremony to be performed to protect either their people or the land. They were the wisdom keepers, the teachers, the healers, the community leaders and storytellers.

A GREAT Leader or Strategist (Visionaries) in todays Business Jungle has exactly the same role to play.  They make their mark, are one step ahead of the competition and earn the respect of the wider community as they use their intuition and connect with their “Inner Shaman” on a daily basis.

Understanding the “Way of the Shaman” can really heighten their ability to perform miracles in this dynamic business world we live in.

Shamans developed an acute awareness of themselves, their people and their environment. They were able to read the blueprint of an individual and a space. Most importantly they knew how to harness their OWN POWER. Not only, how to harness it but in what direction to focus and direct it. Power is Potential. A great Leader does this naturally and has a special way of empowering and teaching his or her people.  

A Leader or a Strategist is often asked to predict an outcome in business – just like the Shamans were asked to peer into the future and predict an outcome. 

To do this they would enter an altered state and commune with the spirit world. In todays world many of our top leaders and strategists practice the art of #meditation as the first step towards the same results. This allows them to see clearly, access their inner strength, guidance and creativity. Regular meditation equips them with the tools to organically restore, invent or reinvent a business or an aspect of a business. Some of the top Leaders and Strategists credit meditation in taking them from ordinary to Extraordinary.

Shamans are renowned for their “Soul Retrieval” work. They are able to read the “soul” and determine what part of the soul is missing due to the trauma experienced. If an individual has a soul and a business has a soul, then understanding how to “mend the Fragmented Self or Organisation” is a skill that our modern day Shamans implement so very well as Great Leaders and Strategists. 

#Shamanic Power is to enter the deep levels of awareness, to perceive secrets, remove obstacles and a make a difference according to will and intent. Ultimately it is to “Shape shift” – to transmute and transfigure something into a whole new form.  

I absolutely believe many of our Great Leaders and Strategists are Modern Day Shamans. They however, may not realise the extent of the depth or the origins of their own knowing. 

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