Was it a chance meeting, or was it synchronicity? 

It was late, and we were about to land at Wellington Airport, but a last-minute decision had us being rerouted to Auckland because of the notorious Wellington Fog. 

With no beds in sight due to an almost 100% occupancy rate in Auckland City, I chose to stay at the airport as I knew that we would undoubtedly be put on the dreaded red-eye back to Wellington the following day. Sitting down at the only place open – McDonald’s – I introduced myself to the people around the table. After an appropriate amount of small talk and plenty of banter, one of the other ladies and myself declared we were tired and needed to find a spot on the floor to crash and catch a few hours sleep.

It wasn’t long before my new found friend was sharing parts of her life with me. In a high powered position for a well known New Zealand Company, she was at her wit’s end, not knowing what her next move should be. Full of fear and finding herself going around in circles, she was frozen in her ability to make a decision. On the one hand so many responsibilities and on the other security with the provision of financial stability, but she was not happy. I noted how empowering it was for her to share her turmoil with a stranger. I listened and reassured her that all would be well. 

As we began to reveal a little more about our lives, I moved on to tell her about my love of travel and how I had taken my many years in the retail travel industry and merged it with my other love – the metaphysical world. In doing so, I had created a small boutique tour company where I was able to take people off the beaten track where not only did they get to do all of the standard touristy things, but they could experience incredible personal growth and transformation through the power of exploring the spiritual side of life. Working with indigenous groups and having them share their precious ancient wisdom was indeed a catalyst for change. 

I shared one story after the other – like the time I took a group of 18 to Egypt, where there was one woman who had spent weeks before worrying about the safe arrival of her luggage. She turned up at the airport dressed in baggy clothes with a large money belt hidden under her shirt, looking and acting very nervously. Well, of course, the inevitable happened, Murphy’s law – whose suitcase was damaged on arrival – hers! The power of the mind and intention – was one of the first lessons being subtly shared amongst the group.

I told my new found friend I was fascinated as I watched this woman transform in front of my eyes, from a nervous, self-conscious person into a carefree woman. Dressing for success in newly acquired sundresses, laughing and joining in the conversation and dancing into the wee hours of the night. To top it off, one morning she came up to me and whispered – “what does it mean when you see pictures”. At that moment I knew, the universe had worked its magic once again. Her life would never be the same. Having shed years of worries, burdens and self-doubt, this woman would return home with a renewed sense of vitality with the gift of having had her third eye begin to open up. She now had a whole new world to explore.

Before we knew it, it was time to head back to Wellington, and my last words to my new found friend were – that if she wanted change, she either needed to change her environment or change her actions or even better still, both.

A few weeks later, an email turned up in my inbox. It was from my new friend. She proceeded to tell me that she had been stalking my tour company and me and that she could not get our conversation out of her mind. She thanked me for the power of my words and told me she had decided to take a six-month sabbatical starting with two Lifestyle Journeys tours. 

Was it synchronicity – our chance meeting – I absolutely think so. 

She had the time of her life, came back, resigned and began a new career with confidence and direction. She accredited it to that chance meeting and being given the permission to look at her current situation in a new way, to the powerful tools she gathered through the unique teachings provided on the journeys and having given herself the space she needed to recalibrate and reset her goals.

If you are feeling Burnt out, Stressed and in need of change, then please make contact, and I will help to navigate a way forward – [email protected] or [email protected] 

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