Let me share why, as there truly is no other country quite like it in the world. A true slice of paradise that up until now has been such a well kept secret.

In this chaotic world that we live in it is no surprise that Bhutan is now having the chance to make its presence known. We have much to learn from the leadership of this small but dynamic principality. It happens to be doing so many things right, when many other countries are struggling.

What is their advantage point, where have they obtained their guidance from? A long line of great Leaders who have continually embraced and not forgotten what makes up the heart and soul of Bhutan, their people – and their deep connection to Buddhism. 

What is Buddhism? It is not a religion but a “Way of Life” where they believe in the concepts of karma (cause and effect). It is an eco system where at any given time the state of all living beings is taken into consideration, by practising compassion, kindness and a deep understanding of the wheel of life.

With this being at the core of all decisions made by the King and his government they have never forgotten nor taken for granted what mother nature has bestowed upon them, nor the importance of their people. This is why they must have at least 70% of the land planted at all times. Why they provide free education and medicine and so much more.  

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It is so refreshing. Lets just say the Energy is AWESOME and you feel it from the moment you arrive. Or maybe I should say, from the moment you make your descent into Paro Bhutan, which is not for the faint hearted! You certainly know you are on one heck of an adventure as your aircraft traverses the steep mountain ranges to land. 

The scenery is truly breath-taking. The air so fresh, the sky so blue, the trees so green and the architecture so colourful – you sure feel like you are sitting on top of the world! 

For anyone wanting to escape and really escape (there are no traffic lights at all!), then this is the perfect destination. If you love to walk, be outdoors, get away from the masses but still enjoy the finer things such as amazing food and stunning accommodation then I highly recommend it. 

Proud of where it sits with sustainability and its low impact tourism policy (which means you might have to pay a little more but its worth every penny – no rif raf and lesser people!) Bhutan is ripe for the picking – for the lucky ones who have the foresight to get there now.

Here are some of the unique experiences you can participate in:

* Short walks or trekking Expeditions – especially to the famous Tigers Nest

* Spectacular photographic opportunities you might even catch a festival or two!

* A Homestay with locals 

* Spend time with the Monks – private teachings can be organised

* Bird Watching, Fauna and Flora expeditions

* Spa retreats

* Learn more about the Buddhist way of Life

* Practise Mindfulness in a serene environment

* Visit a nunnery and participate in their day to day activities

* Experience first hand the many art modalities and schools plus much more

Bhutan oozes everything about the “Simple things in Life” but at the same time has a touch of class second to none. Sometimes you cannot put into words how visiting a place can truly transform you – from the inside out. If you are lucky enough to visit this gem of a country which is famous for measuring their GDP by Happiness, you will know what I mean.

If you would like to know more about our tour to Bhutan in 2020 or wish to have a package tailor-made for you then please make contact with me – [email protected] or 0450776488

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