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If you’re ready to expand your life, and awaken what’s already within, then I’m ready to help you on your journey.

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Personal Empowerment, Healing & Growth

We all have times in our lives when we feel a little off track, unsure about how to tackle the sudden challenges life is throwing our way.

You can choose to see this as purely a tough period that you must traverse. Or you can see it as an incredible opportunity to take control and rise to the challenge, giving your self-confidence a boost along the way.

Now to just GET STARTED!

When you work one on one with me as a mentor, you will:

- Find a way forward
- Build a realistic understanding of your innate gifts
- Be brought back into your own power and clarity
- Gain perspective and new ways to look at your current situation
- Discover a deeper understanding of yourself
- Be supported to balance your mind, body and soul.


Self-Clarity: Transform from the Inside Out

Align the world around you and make every day flow powerfully.

$450.00 +
  • This individually tailored programme includes an evaluation of your current position, where you’re heading and where you wish to be, in your personal or business life or both.
  • If you are feeling stuck and need a helping hand to accelerate the way forward I will deliver simple, effective personal applications over a two or four week period that will change the way you go about living your daily life.  No two people are the same and no issue is to small.
  • Your personal Bazi Chart will assist in uncovering the way forward along with my many years of life experience.
Intuitive Consultation and Spiritual Guidance

You will experience:

$280.00 / Person
  • A space in which you can express yourself fully – your worries, your fears, your dreams and in what areas you wish to make change
  • Discovery of the blocks that are keeping you from moving forward and where they may have come from
  • The opportunity for your soul (your subconscious mind) to bring up to the conscious mind whatever it wishes you to look at as part of the healing process
  • Guidance and advice at a deep spiritual level in understanding the depth of who you are
  • The sharing of Mindfulness Techniques such as meditation and breath exercises
  • Optional Hands on Energy healing similar to Reiki
Stress Management Workshop

Stress Management Workshop Delivers:

$150.00 / Person
  • Powerful visualisation and mindfulness techniques to help balance your daily life
  • Simple techniques to help you focus on the power of positive thought to manifest change and secure clarity
  • Stronger personal intuition to help you replace self-doubt with self-belief
  • Based on a minimum group size of 10

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