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Corporate Development / Workspace Rejuvenation

Whatever your businesses size and whatever stage it’s at, my corporate packages have been strategically created to help you take a powerful leap forward.

I can work with individuals at an executive level or with entire teams or organisations to achieve outstanding results, all the while in alignment with your human resource department and the cultural vision for the business.

Through a customised 360-degree Space Rejuvenation Process, your business will see growth, increased work satisfaction and reduced staff turnover. With a unique approach involving workspace reconfiguration and personal mentoring, your business will be running better than ever.

Space Rejuvenation Process

Map of Intention
Cultural Interactivity & Snapshots
Wall to Wall
Clear Vision
Inspiring Communication
Vibrant Atmosphere


Pro Business: Work Clarity

People + Alignment = Energy

$1500.00 +

By spending one on one time with your team, I’ll grow to gain a deep understanding of the elements of your business,  your people and where the energy blocks are that need to be shifted.  This will be obtained through consultation with management, personality profiling and analysis, determining the history of the building, its current layout and energy flow allowing me to see where the tweaks are needed.  its energy, the history of the building,  You’ll then receive a full report and analysis with feedback and guidance on how to align the physical environment and its existing elements with your business Culture, Values and Vision.  A full space clearing sequence for renewed energy and a clean slate for business growth will then be scheduled to ensure you achieve the full benefit of the process.

Premium: Home Office Clarity

Design a space that you like being in

$788.00 +

Self-motivation and self-discipline are a must when you’re working from home. I’ll show you how critical it is to choose the right space within your home, and show you how to set up your home office in a way that supports you and all your business goals. Let’s design a space that you want to be in. One that allows the creative juices and concentration to flow.

It can make the difference between mediocre and reaching your business dreams. Add-on: You may wish to add a mentoring package onto this and receive further navigation in fine tuning your Business Vision, stabilising your mindset and breaking through those last few blocks that could be holding you back from pure gold.

Workshop: Feng Shui for Business

Learn simple Feng Shui principals to transform your business.

$350.00 / Person
  • Discover the basic principals of Feng Shui to enhance internal and external flow
  • Learn how to recognise where blocks are in the physical space and how they correlate directly to your business and its challenges and or success
  • Find out how to position critical staff so they can maximise daily flow and productivity
  • Learn to read an energy map that can provide simple solutions for change in all aspects of your business
  • Learn why compass directions are so important to the success of a business and its people
  • Explore a selection of case studies to see first hand how Feng Shui principles are vital for the overall health and wellbeing of your company and its people.

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