Are you suffering from burnout, stress, lack of sleep and absolutely no time to take an honest look at YOU? Is looking at your health and wellbeing and the ways in which you can fully support yourself becoming impossible? These are symptoms that are far too common in this modern world of ours.  

With time speeding up and our every day demands becoming increasingly burdensome, taking a sabbatical with PURPOSE is essential! It assists you in aligning your outer world with your inner world.  It allows you to embrace and build balance, harmony and strength for your mind, body and soul.   Neglecting these experiences for continual personal growth is non-negotiable.

With so many incredible destinations out there providing an opportunity in which you can connect, invigorate and re-energise yourself, you are spoilt for choice. 

Walking the ancient pilgrim’s trail – The Camino de Santiago did just that for me.  Stepping back into nature, putting one foot in front of the other gently forces you to listen to yourself – to the good, the bad and the ugly.  It allows you to think, reflect and plan. It is so cleansing.  I loved every day and wanted it to last forever.  The energy of the trail from those who have walked it in the past, pulls you in and the more you focus on the walking the more you naturally head towards mindfulness, receiving clarity, direction and a renewed sense of hope.  It can be a wonderfully healing journey.  

Each day brings so many new experiences.  The scenery is breath-taking – one minute walking through a forest that is hundreds of years old and the next finding yourself deep in conversation with new friends at one of the many cafe’s along the trail.  

Ricardo our guide, is like a magician, full of surprises and treats.  Organising private concerts with an opera singer and a classical Spanish guitarist in their 9th century Casa, a night full of dancing, fun and laughter with a famous “Tuna Band” and the incredible sharing of ancient arts that have been passed down from generation to generation with local artisans.  These are but a few of the many special moments.

In my experience, as the days passed, what became truly profound was that while I was participating in all of the things you expect and want from a holiday – culture, history, amazing scenery, physical activity, great food, wine and awesome company something even more precious was being experienced. I had been given the chance to travel between two worlds – that of my conscious mind and my sub-conscious mind, the external and internal parts of me.  Walking the ancient pilgrims trail gave me permission to let go of all that was holding me back and embrace once again my dreams and goals with great optimism. 

Honouring and respecting yourself and taking a Sabbatical with purpose is not selfish but very wise.  Imagine, if your company made it compulsory, or better still, organised a journey like this to enhance leadership, team dynamics and individual personal growth?  That would be progress which would deliver a real return on investment! 

For further information on an array of “Sabbaticals with Purpose” please call or email me as i would love to help you in planning your own special sabbatical. 

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