Yes, it can. Quite a lot – if you are in the know. You may be asking yourself – what relevance would this have on your company’s success or future? 

If “Everything is Energy”, can all previous occupants’ past activities, actions, and personal interactions leave an energetic footprint? Yes, they certainly can – some good and some bad!  

Stress contributes immensely to the wellbeing of a company and its people. At any given time, a business is under enormous pressure to perform. This automatically overflows to its people, culture, values and, of course, its longevity. We know that arguments, depression, bullying and toxic thoughts are not positive in any environment.  The results linger everywhere – in the walls, the furniture, the air and eventually the people.

Before signing off your lease, did you explore the business history of the past tenants who occupied the space? Were they a successful business and moving due to expansion? Or were they struggling and having to downsize or close their doors? Of course, there are many more scenarios as to why a company may decide to move, but if it was either of these two reasons and if Everything is Energy, then the negative, stagnant and low vibrations would still be within the space. This can affect the new occupants’ productivity, the staff relationships and profitability – the entire flow of your company’s vision and success. 

Those who are sensitive can feel the disruptive energy immediately. For the rest, you absolutely know the feeling when you walk into an office environment, and it feels just right.  Everything is aligned, the people are happy, welcoming and there is a healthy buzz in the air. 

As a Feng Shui Consultant, I have worked with this exact scenario with existing clients. It is not just imagination – it really does happen. The important lesson here is to be aware of the POWER OF ENERGY.

And all that surrounds us. 

So what can you do to remove any existing residual, negative and stagnant energy?  

Engage a professional Space Clearing Practitioner. In ancient times the wisdom keepers and elders of a community followed many rituals to clear a space before any further activities were allowed to commence. These rituals are still practised within many cultures around the world. They are an integral part of life and are considered essential to the prosperity, health and wellbeing of a person, family, home or business. 

Here are seven things you can do to further lift and cleanse the energy within your premises when working alongside a Professional Space Clearing Practitioner:

* Spring clean – from top to bottom 

* Paint the Walls, choosing the perfect colour scheme to support the company on an energetic level

* Replace any furniture that had been passed down (often a company keeps the furniture that was occupied by a previous tenant)

* Ensure all areas are well lit

* Introduce plants that are renowned for energising and lifting the oxygen levels within a space

* Use an oil diffuser and specific oils to support your staff – you can choose oils to heighten brainpower or bring peace and harmony; there are many combinations available

* Play classical and or medicinal music overnight to lift the vibration 

Energy Clearing combined with Feng Shui principles can be powerful tools in igniting and balancing energy and assisting your company’s positive navigation forward. In addressing the unseen, you empower and amplify the seen.

If the energy needs shifting in your workspace or home space so that you are ready to expand and succeed, then please book a time to talk.

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