Spain: The Celtic Way to Santiago
March 11, 2015
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March 11, 2015
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Spain: The French Way to Santiago


Join us on this authentic spanish experience hailing from very ancient roots. The trail has great significance for the Pagan people, the Celts who originally populated the Iberian peninsula.

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Steeped in history and mythology you will be amazed at the many mega stone structures you will pass that are aligned to the winter sun solstice in the Galician region. Then came the Romans who conquered much of the region stamping their mark by way of architecture and their trading routes leading all the way to Finnistere just beyond Santiago de Compostela. Finally followed by the christian heritage and their belief that all of your sins will be forgiven if you walk the pilgrims route to Santiago where legend has it that the apostle St James, bones are buried.

Recognising that many people want a more authentic experience when visiting new places, we offer you much more than a simple walking Camino Tour. You will sample first-hand the fascinating culture of Spain, including its unique customs and exquisite regional food and wine. You’ll take pleasure staying in small hotels and country farmhouses that have been carefully chosen to give you a true flavour of Spanish life, as well as an opportunity to meet local people – and experience the local entertainment!

This is a pilgrim walk to transform and energise – that is guided by our incredibly special Camino Guide, Ricardo Guggenheimer who is loved by all. He brings that extra special ingredient to make this an experience of a lifetime! Starting in the town of Leon you will be amazed at the contrast in scenery. Never a dull moment from walking down country lanes then deep into ancient kauri forests or even roadside with fields of poppies or wheat to capture the eye.

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