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Colorado Plateau
March 25, 2015
Feng Shui Workshop
Feng Shui Workshop
July 4, 2016
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Feng Shui Certification

Feng Shui

Embark on a brand new career, add another set of skills to enhance your specialty or learn how to look at the world around you through different eyes by becoming a Feng Shui Practitioner.

When you train with me, you’ll learn techniques to support your vision and goals while bringing harmony and balance to your everyday environment.

I will share with you:
* The in-depth and unique curriculum created by the Interior Alignment School of Feng Shui
* Ancient wisdom obtained through spending time with indigenous groups from around the world
* My experience garnered through working for many years as an intuitive healer
* My business knowledge obtained from 30 years in the travel industry having owned a retail travel agency and now, Lifestyle Journeys, a boutique tour company
* My sense of fun and the ability to empower you, assisting in the navigation of your next step along your life path both in either your personal and or business life.

Become Certified in Instinctive Feng Shui
The Interior Alignment ® is a Feng Shui and space clearing system that honours our deep connection to the power of nature, and guides us in creating a home or office for the soul. This sacred series of certifications were developed by school founder, Denise Linn, after many years travelling and experiencing ancient cultures and wisdom.

Instinctive Feng Shui™ Practitioner Certification (CPFS)
Discover the history of Feng Shui in the world, Yin/Yang, Chi, Five Elements, the basic principals of arrangement and flow, the Bagua, Form Feng Shui, Feng Shui of the land, Feng Shui for the home, Feng Shui for business, reading floor plans, the use of colours, shapes, symbols and other aspects of space in a home for creation of balance and energy.

Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing™ Practitioner Certification (CPSC)
Learn how to connect with energy, reading the energy of a space, work with the four elements of nature, create meaningful altars and blessing ceremonies, use various practices and tools for clearing space and setting intention, and clutter clearing.

Certified Practitioner of Interior Alignment® (CPIA)
Combines both the Instinctive Feng Shui™ Practitioner and Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing Practitioner™ programs.


Interior Alignment® Certification Instinctive Feng Shui
Programme one:
Onsite: 17 – 20 January 2019 inclusive
Melbourne VIC 3191, Australia

Interior Alignment® Certification in Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing
Programme One:
Onsite: 20 – 24 January 2019 inclusive
Melbourne VIC 3191, Australia

Interior Alignment® Certified Practitioner of Interior Alignment
Programme One:
Onsite: 17 – 24 January 2019 inclusive
Melbourne VIC 3191, Australia

Feng Shui Teacher

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