Colorado Plateau

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March 25, 2015
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January 4, 2016
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Colorado Plateau


Excerpt from the book – MAGICAL TRAVELS – Author Sharon Breslin

Winding our way up and up and up we eventually reached the edge of the Colorado plateau. I knew it was about now that I was supposed to communicate with my ancestors in spirit, asking them for permission to travel across their lands on this spiritual journey. I had been taught that it was the protocol, to have respect for the ancestors that had walked the land before us. As we ventured further onto the Mesas I could not help but think that it looked so much like Tibet in parts. It was extremely barren and volcanic. Could they have been joined together many thousands of years ago? I found out later that this area was also known as the Mongolian plateau so maybe some truth rang in this thought after all. Further into the trip I also noted how similar the Hopi and Navajo were to the Tibetans. If only the land could speak!

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