A Rose-Red city half as old as time

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October 10, 2014
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A Rose-Red city half as old as time

Egypt SB

“Excerpt from Sharon’s Travel Journal”

Boarding the ferry in Nuweiba i felt a little sad to be leaving my beloved Egypt but excited at our adventure ahead. We were about to cross the Red Sea to the Jordanian port of Aqaba, where we would be met by our guide, a selection of jeeps and the vastness of the Wadi Rum desert, beckoning to us in the distance, to the unknown. How mysterious – The land of Lawrence of Arabia – its spell allready being cast as we set out on the journey towards the famous town of Petra. With our thoughts a million miles away and the heat of the midday sun beating down upon us you could hear gasps every so often as we wound our way through a maze of monolithic rockscapes that rose dramatically from the red sanded desert. What an adventure! Arriving at the entrance to the lost city of Petra we were glad to find shade as we began walking along the narrow entranceway. How misleading this famous cities entrance was. All of a sudden, here we were stepping into a huge open aired space where you saw the remains of a once thriving empire. Immediately your eyes were drawn to what was known as “The Treasury” which was perfectly positioned opposite the main route into Petra. Designed to impress and still, 2000 years on the effect is undiminished.

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