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September 17, 2015
January 20, 2016
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The frantic pace of life leads to high levels of stress and unforgiving ailments that only a holiday can cure. Time away to rejuvenate and unwind are crucial elements that can breathe new life into our tired and worn out mind and bodies. Taking time to out to have a few weeks away can really make a significant difference and assist to balance out the scales of our stress filled lives.

I will begin to share with you one of my very favourite places on this earth that could be a destination for you to go soul searching and discover a side of yourself that you have not connected with in a long while or never had the chance to connect with. Get acquainted with the inner you once more and open your soul to the wonders around you on one of my magical tours. I have been running a tour business for a long while now and have had the privilege of travelling the globe numerous times but one of my stand out destinations has always been “Machu Picchu” in the Sacred Valley, Peru. No matter how many times I go there, it is still, a truly stunning sight for me to behold. The landscape varies from rocky cliff faces to lush green grasslands and breath taking waterfalls. The air contains a certain crisp, fresh scent that is unmistakably amazonian. The rocky ruins of the temples and the sunsets that leave you in complete amazement are all part of this very special place.  Where the true magic is though, is in spending time at the site with our Incan Master, Willaru. He shares his knowledge of the site from an esoteric science point of view.  #Machu Picchu was built to amaze as it sits high up on the edge of a mountain ridge in a uniquely #Andean setting. This ancient city, the city of light is rich with history and spiritual essence.  A place where the “Masters” reside and you can feel this as soon as you enter its gates.  I marvel at the ingenuity and architectural genius that was demonstrated so clearly in the construct of Machu Picchu. In our time we have not built quite so bold and robust structures in the middle of nowhere as the Incan’s did. The remote location of the ancient city some 80km away from Cuzco is something you should place on your radar to see. When you close your eyes you can almost feel the Incan empire come to life in your dreams.

A trip to Machu Picchu will open your mind to a culture once forgotten and envelop your senses with the wildness of the Andean mountains and the mysteries of ancient times.  The cities, the people and the animals will intrigue you at every turn. Experience the food, hand woven fabrics, music and ancient traditional practices that are still performed today. For the youthful and young at heart the traditional Inca trail will give you the thrills you seek.

Join me on an adventure that will ignite the flame of exploration in you once more and discover what this journey will do for your health, your wellbeing, your spiritual path and inner soul searching. A magical place that sits below the white powder clouds of the Andean forest awaits.  I call Machu Picchu – “A Transformational Journey” as I see my clients go one way and come home another.   No wonder as it is one of the 7 wonders of the world.

For those who are interested in obtaining more specific details please contact me or peruse my site on the link below. Down load the information and make contact. Most of all just take time out to unwind, wether it be on the Andean mountains or the great outback just unplug, kick back and breath in the fresh air. Health is wealth!

Sharon Breslin
Sharon Breslin
Sharon is a multi-talented and entrepreneurial businesswoman. She created an award winning travel agency within the House of Travel Group utilising a range of unique holistic techniques adapted to achieve success in the business world. Further refining and developing each of these techniques for individual companies has proven hugely successful for clients in a diverse range of industries.

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