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October 10, 2014
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What Does Your Ideal Lifestyle Look Like?

Does your ideal lifestyle involve yoga in the mountains?They say the average person puts more time into planning their vacation than they do into planning their life. I guess that’s what makes the average person… well, average.

Lucky for Lifestyle Outlaws we’re not average… which means we put time into deciding exactly what our life is going to look like.

What Happens Without A Plan?

If you don’t have a plan then life will just lead you somewhere completely random. It’ll be easy to look back 10 years from now and wonder “how did I end up here?” Or even worse you’ll look back and wonder why you’re still stuck in the same place as 10 years ago.

We all have a personal comfort zone and if we’re not aware of it then life will continuously keep us in that comfort zone. Like a nice warm bed on a cold Sunday morning we need a reason to get up and do something with the day.

The same with our life… we’re driven by the vision of our ideal lifestyle.

It’s More Than Goal Setting

I think we all know the importance of goal setting by now and psychology professor Dr Gail Matthews recently found “that people who wrote down their goals, shared this information with a friend, and sent weekly updates to that friend were on average 33% more successful in accomplishing their stated goals than those who merely formulated goals.”

But designing your life is so much more than just setting goals. It’s about deciding what your ideal life truly looks like and then formulating a plan (including goals) to get there.

Creating Your Ideal Life Is Thinking Differently

When most of us set goals we just look at things we want more of. It often includes things like more income, more holidays, better health or improving our relationship etc. We tend to focus on getting more of what we already have.

But is that really what you want? Creating your ideal life is about taking all your life experience so far and reevaluating the decisions that you’ve made along the way. If you don’t really enjoy your job that much then getting a salary increase probably isn’t a good thing.

Let’s Start At The Very Beginning

I want you to take out a piece of paper and write down all the things you absolutely love about your life. The things that you wish you had more time to do. The things that you’d love to do if your life wasn’t bound by money or what other people think of you.

For example my list includes reading, learning, teaching, travelling, kung fu, movies, writing, business and my girlfriend. I make time for all of these every week (except maybe travelling) and this gives me the lifestyle I desire. I have very few things I have to do each day that I actually dislike.

So What Does Your Ideal Life Look Like?

Take some time to dream right now and design your ideal life. Take away all the limits that you are stopping you and just open your mind. The limits can always be put back later but for now it’s time to dream.

  • Who would you spend your time with?
  • What would you do for “work”?
  • What hobbies would you love to do?
  • What would you like your body or health to be like?
  • Where would you like to live or travel?

Really let yourself go and see what you come up with. Remember you can always scale it back again later.

You Get What You Focus On

As a weird example I like eating healthy, nutritious food and living in a clean apartment. However I do not like cooking or cleaning as I prefer to invest my time in other areas. So part of my plan was always hiring a cleaner and a cook to obtain my ideal lifestyle.

Yet by focusing on what I wanted I managed to attract into my life a girlfriend who loves to cook healthy, nutritious meals and clean. I know it’s hard to believe for people like me who hate cleaning but she seriously loves it. She finds it calming and relaxing so I help out in other areas instead.

As an interesting side note I also dreamed up my ideal girlfriend before I even met her. I wrote down exactly what I wanted in a partner about 2 weeks before we met. Needless to say she was pretty shocked when she saw my list and realized she ticked every box (for the record cooking and cleaning weren’t actually on the list… they were just a pleasant bonus).

This Isn’t Woo-Woo Stuff Either

While I think things like the Law of Attraction have some merit – after all I did manifest my girlfriend – I don’t just put my intentions out there and leave it to chance. However I naturally found that when I focused on the things I loved they naturally started to occur more in my life.

Things like reading, learning, teaching, movies etc became more prominent because I focused on making time for them. My business goal had always been to create a residual income business (I just got a little lost along the way) but when I started to focus on what I truly wanted again the opportunity and people arrived to make it a reality.

What You Focus On Becomes Your Reality

If you decide to focus on how hard life is and all the lack you see around you then that’s what you’ll experience. However if you focus on what you want then you will naturally draw it towards you.

It’s like your average dieter who focuses on “losing weight.” They focus on how “overweight” they are, that they have to “restrict” their diet and “force” themselves to do exercise. It’s no wonder reaching and maintaining their ideal weight is so hard.

Compare that to “I love my healthy lifestyle that naturally keeps me at my ideal weight.”

Big Dreams… But How To Pay For Them?

I expect you realize by now that one of my passions is creating residual income. I do this because it gives me the freedom to do what I want with my life. For me it’s not about the money… it’s about the freedom that it brings.

I want to be earning income whether I’m working, travelling, reading, watching movies or hanging out with my friends. I don’t want my income to stop because I’m not sitting in front of a computer or working with clients.

Why Everyone Needs A Getaway Vehicle

I believe everyone needs a Getaway Vehicle to support their ideal lifestyle with residual income. Perhaps some people get turned off by the idea of it being a “business” and think it sounds scary. The truth is a Getaway Vehicle is not about building a business… it’s about gaining your ideal lifestyle.

It’s also about leveraging your natural talents to create a residual income. Most people are already doing exactly what we do… they’re just not getting paid for it.

So when you’re ready to start building your residual income just get in touch and we’ll help step you through the process for free.

Change Your Mind… Change Your Life

At the end of the day you only need to change one thing to achieve your ideal lifestyle…

Your Mind

Society in general teaches us to spend a lot of money on a degree and then get a job making others rich. They teach us that highly processed foods are convenient and taste great. They teach us that everyone else is to blame and we have no personal responsibility for the way our life turns out.

If you want something different for your life and those you care about then you have to change your mind. That’s why we’re all here… to achieve our ideal lifestyle… not somebody else’s.

Learn to think differently… and your lifestyle will become very different as well.

Sharon Breslin
Sharon Breslin
Sharon is a multi-talented and entrepreneurial businesswoman. She created an award winning travel agency within the House of Travel Group utilising a range of unique holistic techniques adapted to achieve success in the business world. Further refining and developing each of these techniques for individual companies has proven hugely successful for clients in a diverse range of industries.

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