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Ayahusca – Is it a quick fix or not?

Medicine Man

This is a question I find myself asking more frequently – and one that I do not have the answer to. A question I feel that needs to be explored. I have been observing – listening and noticing an increasing interest in Ayahuasca over the past couple of years.

My first question I ask of someone who tells me they are wishing to go to Peru to experience Ayahuasca is – Why? What are you hoping to achieve?

The answers are quite astonishing. “I am not sure really, I have read quite a bit about it”. “Apparently people are having life-changing experiences”. “I have been depressed and have had a rough couple of years. I need healing”.

Could it be it is one of the latest buzz words – a latest craze to participate in? Does curiosity get the better of us human beings? Is it a quick fix to problems we are living with and need to continuously work on? What happened to good old-fashioned dedication, patience and hard work? Or how about facing our demons head on and acquiring tools to manage and break through the fear barrier rather than entering a hallucinogenic state, to walk out – hopefully cured???

There is so much hurt, depression, sadness and desperation in our world today. It is understandable, that the abilities of Ayahuasca and the plant medicine is very appealing for those who are lost and are struggling for ways in which to grow, heal and move forward in their lives. Or maybe for those on their spiritual path who are frustrated in not connecting at a level they want or think they need to.

Could Ayahuasca be a solution? Yes indeed it could be and if practiced authentically the results can be truly amazing. The secret is to honour the process fully. To understand that you are stepping into a sacred process that deserves much preparation, respect and commitment. It is not something that you do in one afternoon while on holiday in Peru!

In honouring this age-old shamanic practice you may have a life-changing experience. These are some of the things I would urge you to look for before choosing who you decide to go into “ceremony” with:

• First of all choose your shaman – medicine man or woman that you work with very carefully. Do your research and ask locally.

• Make sure the land (pachamama) where you are going to have your Ayahuasca ceremony is conducive to honouring the intention of the ceremony.

• Choose a time in nature’s cycle that supports your ceremony – such as taking note of the moon cycle.

• Fast before hand so as your physical body is in the best shape possible.

• One of the most IMPORTANT elements is to determine the purpose of your journey. What questions do you want to have answered? Make sure you commune this to the plant spirits and the spirit world in your meditation practice leading up to your ceremony. The more time you spend preparing the more clarity you will receive.

• When the time has come to work with your shaman make sure you travel with the shaman to choose the plant itself. Connect with the plant and ask for its permission to work with it, to use its essence for the medicine that is being prepared for your healing journey.

• Respect fully the sacredness of the ceremony and trust that the Spirit Realm has guided you to partake in this experience to support your higher self and healing journey.

Who am I to have an opinion when I have not tried Ayahuasca? This is what I ask myself as well. I have travelled many times to Peru and have had the great privilege of working with an Incan Master. Even though he spent many years practicing as a shaman he now prefers to call himself a student of life. After spending six months deep in the amazon jungle communing with the masters he was given the name “Willaru” which means messenger in Quechua. He has spent the rest of his life sharing the ancient wisdom and knowledge of the Quechua people and the world of esoteric science.

Willaru and I have had many conversations about Ayahuasca and its pros and cons. Is there an alternative way in which to achieve a similar outcome? Maybe there is and the following simple procedures might be the answer:

• To practice meditation daily developing a strong connection between yourself and the spirit world so any question you need answers on will be given.

• To work with a spiritual healer who can help you in addressing your fears, the emotional issues you carry and how they are manifesting in the physical body, the cellular memory blocks and any past life connections that may be hindering your progress.

• Through these practices you will obtain tools to call upon at any time and in a place much closer to home.

Whichever way you choose, listen to your heart and make sure Ayahuasca is not a “quick fix” but a truly sacred journey.

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Sharon Breslin
Sharon Breslin
Sharon is a multi-talented and entrepreneurial businesswoman. She created an award winning travel agency within the House of Travel Group utilising a range of unique holistic techniques adapted to achieve success in the business world. Further refining and developing each of these techniques for individual companies has proven hugely successful for clients in a diverse range of industries.

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