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About Sharon

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Sharon's Awards

Here is a list of awards and achievements for Sharon:

- Best New House of Travel Award
- House of Travel Business Excellence Award
- House of Travel Supreme Outlet Award
- Interior Alignment Master Teacher

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Sharon the Business-woman, The Investor, The Feng Shui Master Teacher, Mentor and Travel Guide.
  • 1981The Travel Guide

    I ran an award-winning travel agency called House of Travel for 18 years, after which I went on to offer a more personal touch through my holistic travel company, Lifestyle Journeys. Through this, I’m able to connect with my travel client from the inside out and take them on a journey that offered a transformational experience.

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  • 2010The Business Navigator

    I mentor business leaders and managers using the unique techniques I've practised to attain success in her own company. I focus on the philosophy of business, business ethics, the culture of individual businesses, leadership and sales. Incorporates the use of Feng Shui as a business tool.

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  • 2010The Feng Shui Master Teacher

    Trained as a Feng Shui Master, my business Feng Shui Spaces focusses on the intuition of personal space and how to make the most of what you have. A cluttered space contributes to a clouded mind and through my Feng Shui practice, I can teach you how to be spatially aware and perfect your environment.

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  • 2015The Author

    Author of “Magical Travels,” my new book recalling her travel adventures in foreign lands and spiritual realms. A truly magical travel read complementing her Life Lessons the Foundations of Business booklets.

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