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About Sharon

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Sharon's Awards

Here is a list of awards and achievements for Sharon:

- Best New House of Travel Award
- House of Travel Business Excellence Award
- House of Travel Supreme Outlet Award
- Interior Alignment Master Teacher

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Sharon the Business-woman, The Investor, The Feng Shui Master Teacher, Mentor and Travel Guide.
  • 1981The Travel Guide

    She has had 34 years experience in the travel world. Her passion for people and learning through travel has resulted in the development of her unique tours – Lifestyle Journeys which feed the spirit and share her immense knowledge of indigenous beliefs, while having fun and laughter with new friends in exotic and spiritual lands.

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  • 1990The Lifestyle and Wellness Specialist

    Sharon became aware of her gift as an intuitive healer 25 years ago. She combines it with her knowledge of other indigenous shamanic beliefs to work with individuals to solve physical, mental or emotional issues. She is constantly researching and exploring nutritional, exercise and psychological techniques for attaining a healthier way of living. Lifestyle workshops and private coaching available.
  • 1992The Business Woman

    She grew her retail travel agency to employ 15 staff, winning the Best New House of Travel Award, Business Excellence Award and the Supreme Outlet award within the House of Travel Group of 90 competing outlets.
  • 2010The Business Navigator

    Sharon mentors business leaders and managers using the unique techniques she practised to attain success in her own company. She focuses on the philosophy of business, business ethics, the culture of individual businesses, leadership and sales. Incorporates the use of Feng Shui as a business tool.
  • 2010The Feng Shui Master Teacher

    Sharon teaches Feng Shui techniques to enhance business and personal lives. She demonstrates how Feng Shui determines the flow of energy within an organisation and between individuals and how to achieve optimum business and personal outcomes. Formally trained through the Interior Alignment School of Feng Shui completing her practitioner of Feng Shui certification, Seven Star Space Clearing certification, Medicine Wheel Practitioner certification and Advanced Interior Alignment Practitioner certification. Holds the Master Teachers Certification and is now offering Interior Alignment certification courses.

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  • 2015The Author

    Author of “Magical Travels,” her new book recalling her travel adventures in foreign lands and spiritual realms. A truly magical travel read complementing her Life Lessons the Foundations of Business booklets.

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